The Health Benefits of Licking Vagina

Oral sex is considered a low-risk activity. It is important to take protective measures and precautions against safer sex.
There are several ways to prevent infection during oral sex, such as: Physical barriers, health and medical problems, ethical issues, as well as oral hygiene and dental problems.
Damage or unhealthy periodontal condition accelerate the phenomenon of transferring infection into the circulation.
Therefore, the consequences of unhealthy or painful oral cavity are significant, and oral health should be of the utmost importance for the practice of oral sex.

People can use oral sex as part of foreplay and intercourse, during intercourse or as intercourse.
Oral sex precedes and often replaces sexual intercourse because it is perceived as non-binding, fast and safe.
It is also argued that oral sex can reduce sexually transmitted diseases.

Oral sex refers to sexual activities that require stimulation of the genitals using the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat.
Oral sex is now widespread among both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
People can have oral sex as part of foreplay before or during or after intercourse.

For many people, vaginal discharge is a sign that a woman is ready and willing to have sex.
Vaginal fluid is a whitish fluid that comes from the vagina mainly for lubrication.
For a man who has oral sex with a woman, the feeling for the subject is fantastic.

Humidifiers are usually inserted into the vagina two to three times a week, regardless of sexual activity, and ensure that the vaginal canal remains comfortable.
They are used to help women whose irritating symptoms include itching, roughness and burning.
Moisturizers can be used in the vagina, and lubricants are most often used at the entrance to the vagina, penis or as an erotic toy.

It is a calming remedy for burning and itching of genital tissues, including labia, clitoris and vaginal opening.
The only product in this category is called the Neogyn Vulvar soothing cream.
Many women with pain have the greatest comfort using a combination of lubricants (just before penetration), moisturizers (twice a week in the vagina, regardless of the time of sexual intercourse) and soothing vulva cream as a form of skin care 25
In cases where sexual intercourse has not occurred for several months or years, or when a woman has undergone surgery or has been undergoing anti-cancer treatment that has narrowed or shortened the vaginal canal, you can temporarily stretch the vagina with vaginal dilators.

Normally, spreading the legs would also open the vulva to the extent that the partner can reach the clitoris orally.
Some sex manuals recommend starting with a milder, less targeted stimulation of the labia and the entire genital area.
You can use the tip, blade or lower part of the tongue, as well as the nose, chin, teeth and lips.
The tongue can be stiffened or inserted into the vagina.

There may be licking and sucking the clitoris and smaller labia, and sticking the tongue into the vagina.
Some women also want to insert a finger into the vagina or anus for additional stimulation.
For some women, this is the best or even the only way to get orgasm.

The gait of women with vaginal orgasm was physiologically normal, showing fluidity, energy, sensuality, freedom and lack of flabby and tense muscles (greater pelvic and vertebral circulation was characteristic for women with vaginal orgasm).
The history of clitoral orgasm was not related to the history of vaginal orgasm and the assessment of vaginal orgasm.
The report also mentions previous studies that highlight homosexual and heterosexual men and women based on other aspects of walking, and discuss functional musculoskeletal problems, muscle effects on sexual function, and the implications of sexual therapy 61 13

The effect of brain stimulation was absent in women who rode as often as men but did not have intercourse because of the hamster chastity belt: tape at the vaginal holes 83.
The chastity belt still allowed women to take advantage of male retention and stimulation of their external genital area, but this was not enough to induce the brain stimulation effect provided by PVI.
Thus, vaginal stimulation by the penis leads to a much stronger stimulation of the nucleus accumbens than by masturbation of the partner of the external genitalia.

A French study, a previous study from the United States, showed a similar relationship of 99, 100.
Women whose men used or withdrew condoms (which generally included the transition of a man from sexual intercourse to ejaculation masturbation), as well as women who did not have intercourse had a five-fold higher rate of breast cancer than women using contraception who did not reduce vaginal exposure to sperm.
Increased number of life sex partners was associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer 101, and 102 nuns had a very high percentage of breast cancer.

After oral administration of sex hormones such as dhea and oxytocin.
Studies have shown that most people who eat vaginal secretions have a lower risk of developing heart disease and cancer.
If you make the vagina the healthiest food, remember to eat it.

HIV is contained in the blood, semen (semen), flows from the vagina and breast milk.
The virus can be transmitted to the body through cuts, holes, wounds and mucous membranes (lips, anus and vagina).